Lead With the Arts: Project Dreamscape

Lead With the Arts: Project Dreamscape

May 11, 2013 to Jun 9, 2013

Lead with the Arts is the Museum’s after school program in the arts for teens. Participants worked with local artists' collective, Meow Wolf and museum staff to develop and install an exhibition of their own work. Project Dreamscape is the culmination of the students' year-long program. Ultimately, the students came up with the idea of a dreamscape, occurring within the head of a character named Lance Flansberg, a 20-something who had aspirations to be a filmmaker but ended up in a 9-5 job as an accountant. A depressed creature, Lance sleeps a lot and recently broke up with his girlfriend—and Project Dreamscape attempts to capture the imagery floating within his mind during the dreamtime.

In the completed work, each student will have their own presentation area within a 1,200 square foot space to present their vision of Lance's dreams. The resulting projections of this vision range from the heavenly to the grotesque, but the idea is that Project Dreamscape will present not just the mind of Lance, but the vision of 12 gifted Albuquerque teenage artists under the guidance of one of the more cutting edge mentor programs that the city has ever seen.

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