Jul 24, 2011 to Oct 3, 2011

As an investment for future generations, The Museum actively acquires works of art from the American Southwest and works that have influenced artists in this region. This installation highlights objects that have been acquired by The Museum in the last few years.

Highlights include sculpture by Amelia Bauer, Emry Kopta, and Auguste Rodin; prints by Josef Albers, Gustave Baumann, Larry Calcagno, Luis Jimenez, and Bruce Nauman; photographs by Tom Barrow and Betty Hahn; paintings by Delmas Howe, Beatrice Mandelman, and Leon Trousett; and decorative arts by Julia Gómez and Luis Mojíca.

IMAGE: Delmas Howe, The Three Graces, 1978, oil on canvas, Gift of the artist

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